Dance Assassin


I have a  fantasy of becoming an assassin more accurately a dance assassin, in this fantasy I am able  to  redistribute  notions  of power through the channels of my articulated,  moving body. I am  able to harness the particular clarity of thinking-moving  that arrises when in a deep sate of dance-movemnt and I hope that I am somehow  able to vanquish the unhelpful obstacles, the stubborn  fixedness that  is so ever-present .It seems evident to me (The Lone Dancer) the only way to equip ourselves for the future is to move, shake, dance, and vibrate more often.. To Reclaim back the physical act from tyrannical grips of digimodernism ( Alan Kirby)  you know the endless tapping, swiping and resist the pull into the sedentary void and move towards, as composer Pauline Oliveros said; to listen deep and dance free.